Lyft Conversations: Chewable Aspirin

November 5, 2022

My Lyft driver, this morning, paraphrased:

“One time I was suspended from Lyft for taking drugs while driving. Can you believe that? It was aspirin! I was taking chewable aspirin gummies. I had the bottle right here in my cupholder.

“It happened when I was driving this mother and her young daughter. Now, I’ve had six strokes in my life, so sometimes I get migraines. And I can't take pills – I so I take the chewable kind instead.

“I told the mother about my migraine, and asked if she was okay with me taking it. She said ‘yeah that’s fine’, so I took it.

“Right after I did that, the daughter just starts crying. I mean she's sobbing, and she's really upset in the back seat. I thought to myself, did I upset her somehow? There was nothing else going on that cold have upset her.

“Then I heard the mother console the daughter, saying things like ‘he’s not here, he can't get to you’ and ‘he’s not going to hurt you’.

“That’s messed up. God knows what that poor baby went through, somebody must’ve hurt her bad. That poor baby.

“When the ride ended, the mom thanked me, and wished for my headache to get better. Then she reported me to Lyft.

“It was all okay when I sent [Lyft] photos of the aspirin bottle, they re-enabled by account. I still don’t get why she reported me, but I can't stop thinking about that poor baby.”

Five stars. Clean car, friendly driver.

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