Hiking Hidden Lake Trail, Glacier National Park

May 16, 2021

I wanted to share photos from one more hike at Glacier National Park (taken during a trip last September). Like the Highline Trail hike, we got an early start from Logan Pass (about an hour’s drive from the park entrance).

Early morning hiking in the dark

It's dark.

When we stopped to turn around, we were greeted with a brilliant orange that cascaded through the landscape.

A group of hikers watching a sunrise
Sunrise over the mountaintop
Sunrise casting light over a small pond

In the daylight hours, we found ourselves once again making friends. This goat enchanted us with his mountain mystique. I was hoping he would share a haiku or bit of proverbial wisdom. But instead, he just stared at us before continuing on his journey.

A mountain goat out for a stroll
A mountain goat posing for the camera

I bet he’d sound like Morgan Freeman if he spoke.

Hikers following a trail, with a mountain backdrop


The destination, of course, was Hidden Lake.

Hidden Lake

All in all, great hike. None of the creatures seemed to be camera shy, either!

A cute squirrel chewing on a leaf