One More Thing

November 7, 2020

Recently, Apple announced their final event for the year, titled “One more thing”.

“One more thing”, the famous line, hearkens to a generational (as opposed to incremental) moment in a product’s life. And if you’re a fan of the Mac, you know exactly how exciting this moment is.

It feels like Apple is catapulting the Mac into a new era with Apple Silicon. While I’m sure power and performance gains will steal the show, this is also about executing Apple’s belief in building fully integrated machines: hardware and software tightly bound, from squircles to silicon.

Who knows what possibilities this will open?

It’s also about harmonizing Apple’s platforms. As announced at WWDC, these Macs will be capable of running all iOS apps by default. The Mac essentially becomes a superset of iOS!

How freaking exciting.

A Prediction

The A14X performance benchmarks leaked; the results are promising. I’m guessing one Mac will be announced with the A14X, and another with something more powerful (and Mac-specific). Apple Silicon needs to enter the stage with strength, so I fully expect Apple to toot their horns here.

A Podcast

Here’s a great conversation in The Talk Show podcast, where next week’s announcement, as well as the future of the Mac, is discussed at length. (Skip to 26:29 for the good part.)