Ben Thompson's Take on Apple Vision

June 6, 2023

Ben Thompson – a fellow Wisconsinite and among my favorite tech writers – has what I think is a bullish, yet balanced view on Apple Vision.

I agree with Thompson that productivity could be the most compelling use case for the device. A keyboard, mouse, and Apple Vision Pro could make a killer (and much more portable) workstation.

As Apple hones in on the device’s purpose, I wouldn't be surprised to see a “workstation” version of Apple Vision in the future – with external compute for more power (similar to how the battery pack is external on the Vision Pro).

I’m not concerned about the optics of wearing a goofy-looking machine on my face (at least in the office), primarily because it’s already absurd that we stare at magic light rectangles all day.

As strongly as I feel about the productivity potential, however, I feel more strongly about Thompson’s point regarding its effects on us as humans:

The arc of technology, in large part led by Apple, is for ever more personal experiences, and I’m not sure it’s an accident that that trend is happening at the same time as a society-wide trend away from family formation and towards an increase in loneliness.

We already have plenty of devices to isolate ourselves. Apple Vision, in my opinion, is simply another step in that direction – and that does concern me deeply.

Update on 6/7/2023: I loved John Gruber's first impressions as well over at Daring Fireball – worth a read!