Shoveling Snow and Testing iPhone’s Night Mode

January 2, 2021

I’m always surprised by how much I’m able to suppress. The mind needs space to breath, let things rise to the surface, and be creative. Sometimes it needs freedom from podcasts, work, and endlessly scrolling feeds.

A few hours of shoveling a Wisconsin driveway does the trick! This was also an opportunity to test my iPhone mini’s “Night Mode” photography. This is the road just outside our home:

Road covered in snow at night
Tree covered in snow at night

It works by exposing the camera sensor for 1-3 seconds, then performing neural engine wizardry to compile the data into a coherent image. I'm impressed with the result.

I love the muted sounds and quietness of a freshly-fallen blanket of snow.

There you have a it, a great first day of the year!