ARM Mac Predictions

June 15, 2020

We are weeks from WWDC, where we will presumably see a long-awaited tectonic-shift for the Mac.

Around the Web

Here is my favorite commentary, from around the web:

My Predictions

I’m not good at making predictions, but will try nonetheless:

  1. There is a rumored iMac redesign (to be released this year). ARM Macs are rumored to ship next year. Apple doesn’t redesign often, so I believe the new iMac chassis will support both Intel and ARM (A-series) internals.
  2. The A-series iMac will serve the role of “developer transition kit”, while Intel-flavored iMacs of the same chassis will be sold to the public.
  3. There will be an x86 emulator. Apple will demo Adobe software on it.
  4. The value proposition for A-series Macs will be more than just “performance and power consumption”. There will be a MacOS feature enabled by the A14 SOC that Intel Macs can’t have.
  5. Every Mac (except the Mac Pro) will have an A-series flavor in the first half of 2021.
  6. The iMac Pro will be absorbed into the iMac lineup.
  7. The transition will be announced at the very end of the keynote.
  8. The 12-inch MacBook will make an appearance.
  9. Most of these predictions will be wrong.


Sticking with the bullet-point format, some thoughts: